mooloolaba, sunshine coast Queensland

Mooloolaba Weather Forecast

The Sunshine Coast has one of the highest sunshine readings in the world, averaging seven hours a day. The variation between summer and winter is much less than you experience in Europe, North America, and northern Asia.

Ocean temperatures
range from 26 degrees Centigrade in summer to 19 degrees C in winter (79 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit).

Summer average temperatures
(between December and February)
17 degrees Centigrade – 28 degrees C
(63 to 82 degrees F).
Though there are warmer days the coastal areas enjoy sea breezes.

and Autumnaverage temperatures
(September to November) and (March to May)
13 to 25 degrees C (55 to 77 degrees F).

Winter average temperatures
(June to March)
7 to 22 degrees C (45 to 72 degrees F).